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The Trinity Mud Trek is a challenging, but fun, family friendly 5k run including 10 obstacles that winds through 139 acres of woods, fields, and mud pits! The event is open to individuals age 13 and above. 

We are excited about the 2016 Trek being bigger, better, and of course MUDDIER than ever. 

1.CREEPY CATERPILLIAR Crawl over phone poles in the mud.
2.SWAMP CRAWLCrawl under wire in a mud pit.
3.HAY HOPPER Climb over hay bales
4.WALK THE  PLANKCross a floating barrel bridge
5.LUG THE LOGCarry a log 1/4 mile
6.WALL CRAWLClimb over a Wall
7.GUT & GUTTER Belly crawl through tunnel
8.CARGO CLIMB Climb over a cargo net
9.TIRE TREKCrawl up and over Tires
10.MUDDY SLIP & SLIDE Slide down a sloppy hill
11.WORLD WAR I Cross multiple trenches
12.THE SWAMP!A walk in the swamp


2.MUD, SWEAT & TEARSClimb over walls
3.DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUNSlide into mud pit
5.ALLIGATOR ALLEYClimb over poles through the mud
6.SPIDER WEBClimb a cargo net
7.MUD PIE ALLEYRun through 100 feet of muddy water
8.COMMANDO CRAWLCrawl in the mud under wire

Just a few comments from past trekkers...

Thought the course was Great! I've done a Tough Mudder and two Warrior Dashes and I have to say it ranked with them as far as the course.

This was my first mud run. Have ran such in the military and SWAT School. Your course was surprisingly very challenging. It equaled or surpassed the two I previously spoke of.

Thank-you for the adventure!! I have more friends and family who said they want to do it with me in 2015!!!!

I have done several "mud" runs in the past as well as other major road races. In my opinion the event was very well done. The obstacles were challenging to all, but not impossible to a novice. I was in the front end of the first group so I didn't see any major backups at the obstacles, nor did I hear of any from the many people I spoke to.

Overall I thought it was awesome and I liked the workers cheering us on and thought you did an amazing job showing God's love on a Muddy trail. A trail with obstacles like the trail of life, but with God pushing us we will conquer. Thank y'all....

When it was all said and done, I was tired but I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more!!!


Q. Will you be offering an early Check-in?

A. Yes, We will offer an early check-in on Friday, May 6th at Trinity Christian School from 7am to 7pm. We are located at 3107 Trinity Blvd., Texarkana, Arkansas. You will need to bring your signed waiver form and drivers license. Your race wristband will be put on you at this time and you will wear it until you finish the race. (Team captains cannot pick up for their teammates.) If you do not come for the early check-in, then you will need to arrive approximately 45 mins to one hour prior to your start time.

Q. Will there be food available at the event?

A. Yes, Big Jake's Bar-B-Que will be at the Mud Trek serving up both beef & pork sandwiches, chips and their famous fried pies!

Kona Ice of Texarkana will be serving Konas (Tropical Shaved Ice). Each person gets to add their own flavors from the Flavorwave. Costs will be $2, $3, $4 & $5 per cup. 20% of the proceeds will be donated back to Trinity Christian School.

Q. How early will I need to be at the event prior to my start time ? 

A. We ask that all Trekkers be present 45 mins to 1 hour prior to their designated start time.

Q. Will there be a charge for spectators ? 

A. Yes, Spectator entrance fee $5, 4 and under free.

Q. Will there be a charge for Parking ? 

A. Parking is Free.

Q. What if it rains?

A. GREAT! The muddier, the better!  Show up at your scheduled time as normal.  There are no make-up days for the event.

Q. When does Online registation end?

A. The Online Registration Ends at midnight on Wednesday, May 4th.  Event Day Registration will be offered.(Cash Only)

Q. Do you allow refunds or team substitutions?

A. No refunds are allowed. This is an event for charity supporting Trinity Christian School . If you need to make any team substitutions, just bring your substitute with you on race day. 

Q. Do I have to sign a waiver to participate?

A. Yes. Waivers are available to print on the site and will be available on race day.  If possible, please print and bring a signed waiver with you to the event. Photo ID is also required.

Q.  What do I wear?

A. Wear clothing that you don’t mind throwing away. We recommend that participants wear pants/shorts that fasten tightly. Drawstrings tend to get stuck and come off in the mud.  For the shoes – a running, trail, or form of hiking boot is recommended. You cannot run barefooted and NO flip flop, slip-on or ”barefoot” sport shoe will be allowed. Some participants find it helpful to duct tape their shoes to their feet.

Q.  Can we wear costumes in the run?

A. Yes! We encourage you to get as creative as you want.

Q. How do I get clean from the mud?

A. A Volunteer Department will be there to hose you down afterwards. Bring a change of clothes and shoes.  If you plan on keeping your muddy clothes, bring a trash bag to carry them home.

Q. Will there be medical support on site?

A.  Yes, emergency medical personnel will be on site.

Q. Are there mile markers along the course?

A. Yes, there will be mile markers along the course.

Q. Can I view the course in advance?

A. Unfortunately, due to insurance liabilities and other factors before the race, the course CAN NOT be viewed in advance.  However, we have posted some pictures of the course!

Q. Can my friends and family watch me participate?

A. Yes, spectator trails are available to several of the obstacles.

Q. What if I cannot complete an obstacle?

A. If you aren’t comfortable completing a particular obstacle, you may elect to detour around it. 

Q. What if I get sick or injured?

A. There will be emergency medical personnel on site.  Volunteers at each obstacle will be in communication with race directors should an injury occur while on the course.

Here are some tips for a fun, safe, and successful run:

Tie your shoes very tightly, or they’ll get stuck in the mud never to be seen again. Some even duct tape their shoes to their feet.

Wear an awesome costume or clothes you never care to wear again. If you’re planning to take your muddy clothes home, bring a trash bag to hold them.

Consider a fitted under-layer or compression shorts – mud shouldn’t be in certain places.

Bring old sneakers that you can discard after the race.

Bring flip-flops or sandals to wear post-race and while cleaning up.

Bring dry clothes and a towel.

Clean-up areas are provided.

Leave your wallet and other valuables (jewelry, watch, etc.) behind.

Drink plenty of fluids before and after the race.

If you feel that you cannot safely navigate an obstacle, skip it, and do the alternative task at that obstacle.

If you need help or have an emergency ask a volunteer for help or go to the first aid tent.

Children are not allowed on the adult course or obstacles at any time. A Mini Mud Trek is available for children age 6-12.  See Registration page for details.

Be a good neighbor and help your fellow runners if in need.

Follow us on facebook at - Trinity Mud Trek  Go ahead – brag about your upcoming run – and put up a challenge for your friends! We’ll also keep you up to date on the upcoming race details!